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Community Notice

Every week, the Community Notice is delivered in print and via email to Tsawwassen First Nation Members on and off Tsawwassen Lands, the Executive Council, the Legislative Assembly and administration staff, as well as external agencies. To sign up for email delivery of the Community Notice, click here.

Full job descriptions for the Employment Opportunities listed in the Community Notice can now be found on the Employment Opportunities page.

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Xwexweyem—Story Telling

Annual Publications

Service Plan

The TFN Service Plan is published annually, and identifies the programs and services that we, as Tsawwassen Government, will deliver over the coming year. It sets out the objectives for the year based on input from a variety of sources, most importantly our Members. Tsawwassen Government uses the Service Plan to set out how we plan to accomplish those objectives and what the anticipated cost will be.

Annual Report

The TFN Annual Report is intended to provide out Members with information on how well Tsawwassen Government has done in meeting the goals set out in the Service Plan. It describes what programs and services Tsawwassen Government delivered over the past year to Tsawwassen Members, and reports on the outcomes of what we intended to accomplish over the past year. It also sets out what our key public institutions – the Tsawwassen Legislature and the Executive Council – have achieved over the past year.

Implementation Committee Report

As required under the Final Agreement, the three governments who are signatories to the Treaty (Canada, British Columbia, and Tsawwassen First Nation) established a committee to provide a forum for the parties to discuss and facilitate implementation of the Treaty. This report summarizes progress made in that regard over the previous year.

Post- Season Fisheries Reports

Strategic Planning Documents

TFN Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan sets out priorities for the Tsawwassen Government for a five-year period. The plan is the result of comprehensive consultation with the TFN community – this includes workshops and visioning sessions with Members both on and off Tsawwassen Lands, as well as visioning sessions with Tsawwassen Legislature and Executive Council. During that consultation process we ask Members to look forward into the future, and envision the type of community they want to live in. Once drafted, the Strategic Plan is reviewed and endorsed by the Tsawwassen Legislature and Executive Council prior to being published.

Land Use Plans


Other Publications