Education Services


TFN provides educational support for school-age Members and their parents, as well as Members who are pursuing post-secondary education. Support programs are open to Status and non-Status Members. We also run the Aboriginal Family Resources On-the-Go (AFROG) program, a mobile resource for Aboriginal families with children age 0-6.

For information on TFN’s education services or to submit a grant application please contact Chrystalynn Gurniak, Education & Skills Development Manager at (604) 948-5240.

K-12 Students

In accordance with the Education, Health and Social Development Act and the Instructional Support Services Regulation, TFN provides financial support for school fees and supplies to parents/guardians of Tsawwassen Members who are in grades K-12. In addition, monthly allowances are available for school-age Members in grades 7-12. Information about the amounts for these grants and application procedures can be found in the Instructional Services Support Policy.

Grants for Extra-Curricular Activities

Grants are also available to assist parents/guardians of school-age Tsawwassen Members with the costs of participation in extra-curricular activities. Eligible activities include educational activities (e.g. tutoring) and sports activities (e.g. swimming lessons, hockey, soccer, etc.). More information can be found in the Administering Child and Youth Grants Policy.

AFROG – Aboriginal Family Resources on the Go

The AFROG program is a place where families can interact with other children and parents/ caregivers. An inviting atmosphere where you are able to enjoy quality time with your children away from home, as well as providing an opportunity for friendship, support and shared experiences with other adults. You can also experience some First Nations cultural awareness.

Post-Secondary Education Support

Funding is available for Tsawwassen Members who are at least 18 years of age by September 30th, and who wish to pursue post-secondary education at an accredited post-secondary institution – this includes certificate, diploma, and degree programs as well as trades training programs.