Health and Social Services


The Manager of Health and Social Services oversees the planning and delivery of health and social development programs to improve the quality of life for the Tsawwassen First Nation membership. The Manager acts as the Tsawwassen First Nation representative on all Health, Social Development and Child Welfare matters.

Shabna Ali
Health & Social Services Manager

Phone: 604-948-5207

Family Empowerment Program

The TFN Family Empowerment program is a strength- based program, and will either develop or work with existing family/other circles to provide supportive environments for children and families. Families may be referred to family circles, or may be assisted to better connect to natural/extended family supports in the community. At the same time, the Family Empowerment Worker will work with the family in the home to assist them to develop specific strategies to deal with the presented challenges.

Virgil Awasis, Family Empowerment Worker (604)-943-2112

Income Assistance

The income assistance program is available to individuals who for whatever reason are unable to fully participate in the workforce. Employable applicants are expected to look for work before they receive assistance on a monthly basis. It is anticipated they may reach their goal of self-reliance.

Elders Program

The Elders hold a special place here at TFN. The Elders are the carriers of our memories and life experiences. They are our teachers, advisors, mediators, and medicine people. The Elders exercise their wisdom, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to grow into a respected Elder as we move through life’s stages. One of the aims of the Elders Program is to honour and recognize them as integral TFN Members. They participate in weekly luncheons and outings on a regular basis.

Cindy Baird, Elders Worker (604)-948-5214

Community Nurse

The Community Nurse assists and supports community members to meet their health care needs by providing: hands on nursing care, health and wellness teaching; support with obtaining medical assessments, treatments, or equipment, as well as assistance navigating the health care system and the First Nation Health Authority. He or she also works as part of a multidisciplinary team to facilitate the return to the community from hospital or other agencies ensuring that the appropriate support system is in place. The Community Nurse coordinates with outside agencies to bring health care services to the community so that members of the community are able access these services close to home.

Wendy Brewer, Community Nurse (604)-943-2240

Home and Community Care

The Personal Care Aide assists people who have chronic and acute illnesses to receive the care they need in their home or community. The program may include nursing care, personal care such as bathing and foot care, home support such as meal preparation, and in-home respite care.

Counselling Services

The TFN Counsellor provides counselling services to TFN individuals, couples and families on health and wellness in various areas of their lives. The program offers individual, couples or family psychotherapy. The Counsellor collaborates with the client(s) to develop a treatment plan based on their strengths and goals. The Counsellor also provides referrals to other services, resources and intervention programs, including post-treatment support plans.

Vilayvanh Sengsouvanh, Counsellor (604)-948-5223