Permits and Licences


Here you will find the required forms and other information related to building, demolition, plumbing, soil transport, and tree removal permits, as well as information about dog licences. Please remember that all construction on Tsawwassen Lands must comply with the BC Building Code.  The building code ensures that buildings and structures are safe to use, and helps protect them from fire, water, and sewer damage.

For further assistance please contact the Lands and Municipal Services Division at (604) 948-0694 or click here to see contact information for individual staff members.

Permit Applications

The following forms are to be used by applicants:

Licence Applications

Dog Licences
TFN’s Animal Control Regulation requires that dog owners obtain licences every year for their dog. Generally letters will go out at the end of each year to renew dog licenses. If you live on Tsawwassen Lands you must receive a license from the TFN Administration Office.

  • For each neutered male dog or spayed female dog – $21.00.
  • For each un-neutered male dog or un-spayed female dog – $41.00.
  • For each un-neutered male dog or un-spayed female dog over the age of ten (10) years – $21.00
  • For each aggressive dog – $315.00
  • To replace a lost or destroyed license tag – $5.25
  • late registration fee – $10.50

2016 Dog Licence Application[PDF]

Dogs under the age of 6 months do not require licences. Please note that if your dog is found to not have a dog license you may be fined $150-$300 dollars. Those who have a dog license but fail to display it on the dog may be fined $100 as per TFN Ticket Regulation.
Nikki Eely, Lands Assistant
(604)-948-0694 or email

Business Licences
TFN’s Business Licence Regulation is available on the Regulations page. The application form for a business licence can be found in Schedule B (p.13-14) of the regulation. Schedule A (p.12) of the regulation outlines the required fees. Please note that these fees do NOT include the 5% GST, which is required with your payment. The total fees for each type of application are as follows:

  • Basic Fee: $175 + $8.75 GST = $183.75 (per year)
  • Home-based Business Fee: $60 + $3 GST = $63 (per year)
  • Temporary Business Fee: $50 + $2.50 GST = $52.50 (per 90-day period)
  • Late Renewal Fee: $50 + $2.50 GST = $52.50
  • Member-owned Business: no fee

All fees are in Canadian dollars. Currently TFN does not accept online payments. Cash payments can be made in person at the TFN Administration Offices during business hours (Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm). Cheque payments can be made in person or by mail (1926 Tsawwassen Drive, Tsawwassen BC, V4M 4G2). Please ensure that you include the business name and/or business licence number when making payments by mail.

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