Property Taxes and Utilities

Payment Methods

NEW! Online through Bill Payment Service – Now available at the following banks:

  • BMO
  • Scotibank
  • TD Canada Trust
  • CIBC
  • RBC

This service is soon to be active at the following financial institutions. We will post updates on the Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) website as additional banks are setup for the service.

  • Various Credit Unions

To pay your bill through this service you will need to select a bill payee through your bank’s website and enter the account number you wish to pay.

Property Tax Online Payment

  • Bill Payee: Tsawwassen First Nation – Property Tax (or simply “Tax” depending on the bank)
  • Account Number: Roll number as found on your property taxation notice

Utility Online Payment

  • Bill Payee: Tsawwassen First Nation – Utility (or an abbreviation such as “Utly”)
  • Account Number: Account number as found on your utility bill

Please inquire directly with your bank to confirm availability of Bill Payment Service.

In person: Drop by the TFN office at 1926 Tsawwassen Drive and hand deliver your payment. Please bring in the tear away payment stub from your Property Taxation Notice or Utility Bill to verify the account. Cheques and forms can be left at the front desk. Please bring exact change for cash receipts. The office is open weekdays from 8:30am to 4:30 pm.

By mail: Please include the tear away payment stub from your Property Taxation Notice or Utility Bill with payment. Do not send cash in the mail. Your cheques and bank drafts can be mailed to:

Tsawwassen First Nation
Attention: Property Tax and Utility
1926 Tsawwassen Drive
Tsawwassen, BC, V4M 4G2

Dates post-marked on mailed remittance will be considered as payment date.
Cheques should be made out to Tsawwassen First Nation
Please remember to submit your Home Owner Grant Equivalent application to TFN even if your taxes are paid by your mortgage company or online through Bill Payment Service.

Home Owner Grant Equivalent Application

TFN is introducing an online application for Home Owner Grant Equivalent (HOGE) through TFN’s website. You can continue to submit the grant in person or by mail. Leaseholders that pay their taxes online with Bill Payment Service or through a mortgage company still need to submit their grant by mail, in person or online.

Please click the following link for the HOGE application. The application can either be submitted online or by printing it for signing and delivering a hard copy to TFN.

Online submission requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader application. You can download a free copy here. To submit the HOGE online, fill in all the required fields and click the “Submit Form” button on the bottom of page 2 which will email the application to The form will not allow you to click the “Submit Form” button if any required information is missing. An email reply will be sent to confirm receipt of your HOGE application. If you don’t receive a confirmation email please contact TFN’s Property Tax Department or submit a hard copy to TFN.

Online Application Form for HOGE 2017 [PDF]

To avoid a penalty charge on the HOGE portion of any unpaid taxes, we must receive your completed application on or before July 4, 2017. If you pay online through Bill Payment Service or through a financial institution you still need to submit your HOGE to TFN. You can apply for the current year’s grant until December 31, 2017, but penalty charges will apply after July 4, 2017.

Only one HOGE can be claimed by you or your spouse each year. You may be required to submit additional documentation to establish your eligibility and HOGE’s are audited for up to seven years to ensure applicants are eligible for the grants they receive.

After December 31, 2017, you have one year to apply for an extension to claim a retroactive HOGE. Please contact TFN for more information.

Tsawwassen First Nation Property Tax Department Contact Information

1926 Tsawwassen Drive
Tsawwassen, BC V4M 4G2

Main: (604) 943-2112
Fax: 604-943-4343

Hours of operation
8:30AM-4:30PM | Monday-Friday