Elected Government


The elected institutions that govern Tsawwassen are set out in the Tsawwassen Constitution. This includes the Chief, the Tsawwassen Legislature, the Executive Council, and the Advisory Council.


TFN’s elected Chief is responsible for chairing meetings of the Executive Council, participating in the Tsawwassen Legislature, and providing ongoing strategic direction respecting day-to-day matters of Tsawwassen Government. The Chief is elected on a separate ballot at a TFN general election, and normally serves a 3-year term in office.

The Chief works closely with the Chief Administrative Officer to manage the affairs of TFN. In addition to those responsibilities, the Chief currently sits as a Board Member on the Naust’sa mawt Tribal Council. The Chief also occupies TFN’s seat at the table of the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors, and a seat on Translink’s Mayors Council.

UPDATED-Chief-Williams-portrait-2013-11-19TFN’s current Chief is Bryce Williams. Bryce was first elected to the position of Chief in 2012; prior to that he served as a Legislator and a member of the Executive Council form 2009-2012.

Tsawwassen Legislature

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The Tsawwassen Legislature is the highest body of the Tsawwassen Government. It consists of 13 Tsawwassen Members, elected at a general election, plus the Chief, for a total of 14 Members. The duties of the Legislature are to discuss and make laws, which form the fundamental organizing principles and expressions of Tsawwassen Government. As part of that function the Legislature passes an annual budget, which is a key part of the accountability structure of Tsawwassen Government.

There are normally two sessions of the Legislature each year (Spring and Fall). Each session lasts approximately 2 months; the number of meetings during each session varies, depending on the number and complexity of the bills and/or resolutions that are before the legislature during a given session. All meetings of the Legislature are open to the public.

The current members of the Tsawwassen Legislature are: Bryce Williams (Chief), Laura Cassidy, Tanya Corbet, Nikki Jacobs, Andrea Jacobs, Valerie Cross-Blackett, Victoria Williams, Loretta Williams, Sheila Williams, Jesseca Adams, Steven Stark, Louise Ahlm, Ken Baird, and Tina Koller.


The Squiqel (Speaker) is responsible for chairing sittings of the Legislature, maintaining order, and ensuring that legislators have a fair opportunity to speak. The Sqiuqel is chosen by the members of the Legislature during the first sitting following a general election.

The Squiqel for the 2016-2019 Legislature is Andrea Jacobs.

Session Calendar

Calendar is updated for every session

Executive Council

TFN’s Executive Council (EC) is responsible for managing day-to-day matters and providing strategic direction to the CAO and Tsawwassen Government. Made up of the four Legislators receiving the highest number of votes in the General Election, plus the Chief, this body meets on a weekly basis. EC is also responsible for passing regulations, approving policies, and preparing laws and budget considerations for the Legislature.

The current members of TFN’s Executive Council are:

Tanya Corbet, Laura Cassidy, Nikki Jacobs, and Andrea Jacobs (new photos coming soon!)

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council acts as a mechanism to ensure that proposed laws, regulations, and other issues are considered by Tsawwassen Members in an open forum, prior to being reviewed by the Executive Council and/or the Legislature for approval. The Council acts as a forum to raise questions and concerns, and bring feedback from the Members to the Executive Council and Legislature on all policy and legislative directives. There are 7 seats on the Advisory Council; any Tsawwassen Member aged 13 or older can run for a seat. Elections for the Council are held during the TFN Annual General Meeting following a Tsawwassen General Election (normally every three years).

The current members of TFN’s Advisory Council are: Ruth Adams, Kathy Genge, John Peter Morgan, Angeline Splockton, Dawn Williams, Liana Williams, Merle Williams