Other Committees and Authorities


The Tsawwassen Government also includes a number of statutory bodies that are established through legislation or through an order from TFN’s Executive Council.

Consultation Committee

This group was established by policy of the Executive Council. It is made up of non-Member leaseholders who represent the major leasehold interests on Tsawwassen Lands. They are consulted on issues that significantly and directly impact their interests, including various regulator structures and TFN’s economic development initiatives. The committee normally meets on a quarterly basis. Some examples of issues that have been discussed by this committee include the slope stability status of Tsawwassen Bluffs, property taxes, heritage sites, insurance requirements for Stahaken properties, and TFN’s Integrated Stormwater Management Plan and Neighbourhood Concept Plan.

Property Tax Authority

This statutory body is established under the Tsawwassen Property Taxation Act, and is made up of members of TFN’s Executive Council and non-member ratepayers. It is responsible for approving the tax rates and expenditures in respect of residential property taxation in every tax year. It is also responsible for approving residential exemptions and grants.

Standing Committee on Language and Culture

This committee was established by the Tsawwassen Legislature on the recommendation of the Chief in 2010. It is responsible for working with Tsawwassen Members to develop an awareness and understanding of culture and heritages, developing and recommending policies to protect and promote Tsawwassen culture, and other important duties. Currently the members of this committee are: Chief Bryce Williams, Laura Cassidy, Loretta Williams, Chrystalynn Gurniak, Michele Guerin, Joe Norris, Terri Splockton, and Terry Splockton.

Enrolment Committee

The Tsawwassen Enrolment Committee is established under the Tsawwassen Membership Act. It is responsible for reviewing applications for enrolment and applying the eligibility criteria set out in the Act for membership in Tsawwassen First Nation. There are currently 5 Tsawwassen Members who sit on this committee.

Traditional Territory Boundary Commission

Established under the Tsawwassen Traditional Territory Boundary Commission Act, the Commission is responsible for advising and assisting in the management of overlap and related issues arising from the Tsawwassen Final Agreement. Though many of the overlap issues have been resolved in relation to the Final Agreement, the Commission continues to be an important resource on these critical and sensitive matters.

Advisory Design Panel

The Advisory Design Panel was established by Executive Council in August 2014.  It is composed of two architects, a landscape architect, an engineer, and a Tsawwassen Member.  Panel members serve for two year terms, and are eligible for reappointment.  The panel meets as required and acts as an advisory body to Executive Council.  The panel  evaluates proposed industrial and commercial developments on Tsawwassen Lands which are subject to the Development Permit Areas Regulation.  This improves design quality and provides creative solutions to design challenges.